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Find me now at the musterground of the Virtual Militia

07/4/2013 @ 10:29am
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This blogger has moved.  Come follow.  On this 4th of July, Independence Day 2013, I’ve decided to call up the Virtual Militia.  Bookmark, star, add to Favorites, or whatever you must do.  Thank you, readers, for joining me at LuckyGunner and stick with me in the future at the new blog site—the musterground of the Virtual Militia.


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President Obama Has New Middle East Advisor

07/3/2013 @ 6:03pm
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Jimmy Carter had his unpronounceable Zbigniew Brezinski for National Security Advisor.  While Jay Carney has mumbled no official announcement, and though President Obama has little to say about it, it is plain that President Obama’s Middle Eastern foreign policy is now headed by the Russian and French named Statov de Bachle.

The president’s staunch U.S. supporters remain obliviously on their free phones and ecstatic over the Statov de Bachle Middle East foreign policy.  They remain unshakably confident that Egypt, Syria, Libya, Somali warlords, the southern Sahara slave-trading raiders, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Mullah-inspired American youths will all soon love America.  Because President Obama obviously has the Middle East well in hand with his Statov de Bachle initiatives.

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We are a nation of _____________.

07/1/2013 @ 7:28am
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We are a nation of criminals.  Not because we are demented lords of the underworld: because we live an overlay of law that grows like the blob.  Because fearful, subservient people seek desperately to control the perceived chaos in their lives by creating a prison of laws so huge, so maze-like that no one can move about within its labyrinth without breaking a law.

Liston Matthews at Knoxville Gun Rights Examiner looks at Colorado’s newly created crime, outlawing people caught with some modern magazines.  (You can mute the sound to read his article in peace.)  His article is a thoughtful talk on the broad, unthinking net that traps innocent people every time a free people give up their liberty by controlling their fellow citizens with the criminal law.

The law does not ban “high-capacity” magazines: the law bans people who own them.  Us.  It is picky and tricky.

Read it.  It’s a good warning to foolish people bent on criminalizing an ever-broader range of normal, even beneficial behavior, in their vain efforts to check a culture spiraling downward.

And, it’s a specific warning to you, if you plan on driving through Colorado.  Liston recommends Wyoming.


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Govswarmed—a dying business as a live example

06/28/2013 @ 7:12am
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As if on cue yesterday, after posting “Govswarmed” I picked up the local paper and learned that National Coal Company has stopped all surface mining in Tennessee.  The company had already closed its Knoxville headquarters in 2011.  One county where National Coal used to mine has unemployment over 20%.  That’s right: in America, unemployment over 20%.

The recent news was the result of an “agreement” National Coal reached with the EPA.  “The agreement effectively ends National Coal’s involvement in surface mining in Appalachia….”

In a govswarmed society, people reach “agreements” because they are forced to.

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06/27/2013 @ 12:02pm
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Every new piece of legislation spawns regulations, which require more forms, all of which process demands “compliance” from the public.  The public; not “the customers.”  Customers are voluntary purchasers.  The public is increasingly involuntarily herded into government monopoly pens where our “compliance” is required.  Compliance is enforced through litigation and a plethora of penalties, fines, deadlines, and taxes.   Compliance is required of you and taken by force, if necessary.  There is now a burgeoning job market in “compliance.”

We are approaching the level now of “govswarm”: You can hardly move without violating some civil code, and irritating some functionary.  The irritation is mutual, but the functionary has the power.  You don’t.  And don’t you forget it.

I recently returned from a conference on changes to one of the many arcane areas of law.  During the session on how Medicare law complicated other areas of the law, I listened to the speaker discuss how the CMS wants your request for a CPL so that Medicare COB accomplishes MSP objectives.  The speaker did a fine job, and the panelists fielding questions knew what they were talking about, insofar as section this, and sub-section that clearly defined things.  It was the gray areas that concerned us all.

It occurred to me that this unfathomable bureaucratic overlay is multiplied many times, more every day.  Over-institutionalized, compliant Americans quietly urge other Americans to become compliant, through persuasion where possible, but always with the threat that you will be turned over to the Justice Department if you show “non-compliance.”  Obamacare will represent the pinnacle of mind-swamping acronyms, buzzphrases, forms, penalties, and indecipherable, monumental bureaucracy.

We have permitted the government Dickens wrote of when he observed that nothing ever emerged from The Circumlocution Office.

My question to the panelists at the conference: “Who is John Galt?

We are govswarmed now, and it is getting worse.  I cannot visit a national park without crashing up against all of the signs, rules, regulations, fines, and interpretations by those in power: “Yes, you can carry a gun in the park now, you just can’t carry it into this little 10′ x 10′ campground check-in station.  See the sign!”  And don’t you dare leave your cooler out on a picnic table.  That’s a $5,000 penalty.

Someday, no productive activity will be able to emerge from the govswarm.

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When the government tells you how much ammo you can load….

06/26/2013 @ 4:25pm
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When your government tells you how much ammo you can load, this is what will happen, to someone, in dramatic and well-done video form, by MB Studio Productions.

But, officers were on the way.

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The Petulant President

06/26/2013 @ 9:17am
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I am tired of being mocked by this president who falsely claims to be the great healer.  Before it was guns, religion, implications of racism; now, it’s “climate change.”

Whether or not human development and use of technology somehow causes global climate change should be supported on the basis of sound research methods, reliable data collection, and integrity in reporting the results.  It is not my fault that socialists seized “climate change” as their mantra and corrupted their research.

They may be right; the problem today is that they cannot be trusted.  Not at the polling places; not at the IRS; not at the NSA; not at Health and Human Services; not at the White House or State Department.  More to the point: they cannot be trusted to take the world’s temperature and follow the data where the data lead them.  They have an agenda that drives what is supposed to be science.

And now, the petulant president diminishes himself further.  Unable to argue the reliability of his side’s science, he calls us names.

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County Hit With $300,000 Obamacare “Fee”

06/26/2013 @ 6:25am
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President Obama raised taxes on the middle class, the lower class, all at the same time.  We Knoxville property tax payers just got hit by President Obama with $300,000 in additional taxes.  For Obamacare.

To my Democrat readers: I fully expect you to already be inventing rationale for excusing President Obama and your party for this.  The $300,000 tax should, nevertheless, sober you up just a little.  Maybe?  Does it occur to you that this is a tax?  Remember?  You were sold this nationalized health care takeover in part on the basis that it did not raise taxes.  Every homeowner in Knoxville and Knox County will pay for this.  And, we were all promised that no taxes were being raised on the middle class (implying also no taxes raised on the lower class).  This newly-taxed group paying the additional $300,000 Obamacare tax includes the 80-year old living in the 900-square foot home she paid for decades ago.  It includes the couple in their thirties, struggling to make mortgage payments, both working jobs where their employers have cut hours because business is down.

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Officer Out of ICU

06/25/2013 @ 3:31pm
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When they show up to answer the call, they never know just what they will encounter.  Glad Officer Ledbetter is out of ICU and recovering.

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Lest We Forget

06/17/2013 @ 3:04pm
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Killed in Afghanistan by suicide bombers using vehicle-borne IEDs, these three men from Fort Campbell.

The war is barely in the news.  Regardless, the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division deployed to Afghanistan, again.  The 4th Brigade includes the battalion I once served with during the post-Vietnam era, the 1st Battalion of the 506th Infantry Regiment.

There are many fine soldiers in many units and branches of the armed services; I am proud of them all.  I follow the Currahees of the 1/506th only because I more closely identify with the guys who wear the same battalion crest as I did.

For example, 2LT Sisson pictured here in the Fort Campbell Courier was only 23.  Might have been my son.  Some number of years ago, might have been me.

The military unit we shared in common is proud of its service during World War II, starting its history on D-Day.  The unit held a special ceremony in Afghanistan on the 6th of June, 2013, putting on the Screaming Eagle “combat patch” worn on the uniform’s right sleeve to note former combat service with that unit.  They did this in memory of other young Currahees, like the men who wore the patch when the unit jumped into Normandy.

506th Infantry Regiment Crest

506th Infantry Regiment Crest


If you are reading this, and know anyone who served with the 506th, or who is wearing the 101st’s Screaming Eagle patch and the Currahee crest right now, please direct them here or here; the 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association is reaching out to them, no matter when and where they served.

Rest in peace, Currahees.


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