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Feeling the Love From Russia?

06/30/2010 @ 10:30am

Have relations with Russia improved?


We could research and discuss this for hours, but the answer is simply: “No, whatever relations with Russia are, they have not improved.” So, Putin’s stunning hypocrisy merely reflects that his illusion–his maskirovkais damaged by the FBI’s disclosure of one of his spy rings.

Upon what criteria would we set the baseline for that uneasy relationship with the maybe-formerly communist state? By which criteria would we measure any decline (supposedly attributed to President Bush) or any improvement (supposedly attributed to President Obama)? Rhetoric? What Putin and Medvedev say about us?

Now, their spy ring is outed. The dour Putin and Medvedev accuse us of bad timing and chides us not to let this ruin the improved relations.

What improved relations? They sail their navy into Venezuela’s ports and conduct exercises. They shore up Iran and play a fickle game in the Middle East.

They mock our president. Our current president.

This is simple: the United States should stay militarily strong and measure each foreign power relationship by the degree of cooperation we obtain from other countries in executing our foreign policy, the degree to which they collaborate to strengthen our national security measures, and by the quality of our trading agreements. Beyond that, who cares? Trap would-be terrorists; do not hassle our traveling citizens; conduct fair trade with our merchants and manufacturers. Like Bubba said to Forrest–“That’s about it.” Cut out the BS about our “relations.” What? Are we basing our Russian policy on how they feel about us?

Well, I’m not feeling the love from Russia. She (Anna Chapman) can flash that smile all she wants, but we know what she is. Same goes for her bosses, Putin and Medvedev.

But, MJM is not mad at the Russians over the spies. I assumed they continued to infiltrate and spy on us at every opportunity and I hope we are doing the same.

So, Americans, we may talk peace, but let’s keep our powder dry–and let them know it’s dry, and backed by plenty of flints and rifle balls and citizens willing to fire them at the hearts of our would-be conquerors.