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They Dwell Lost In the Fool’s Limbo

08/2/2010 @ 9:21am

This writer pretty well summarizes Chicago’s self-inflicted crime cesspool situation. By now, it is so blatantly obvious that gun control–throwing anyone in jail merely for possessing a gun–utterly fails to control crime and criminals. Our “When Guns Are Outlawed…” bumper sticker that they hate so much speaks the naked truth so succinctly.

Yet, a certain percentage of people will never, never accept the individual citizen’s right to possess weapons. So, the question MJM is wondering about this morning is: In the face of evil stalking the streets almost unopposed, how far will that percentage of hardcore minions of Marxist brainwashing shrink? How many of its formerly deluded ranks will now decide, “You know, I want a gun and I understand why all of those people I called “gun-nuts” do too?” How many will turn their attention to other issues, even if they do not join the NRA?

For the shrinking remnant in that percentage–I write you off. Poof!  You are so lost in Big Brother and Big Sis Marxism that you are hopeless.  Your worldview is so far descended into the lower bowels of foolishness that I don’t think you can be rehabbed in this lifetime. You are not just wrong; you are willfully, intentionally deluded.

Democrats of Chicago: You do not want to control criminals; you want to control everybody else and criminals are just an irritant. Newsflash: We do not want to be controlled. We want to live free and will insist on it.  People of the great city of Chicago. Rise up!