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Tyranny Takes the Lead Out

08/27/2010 @ 3:36pm

The EPA’s move to ban lead ammunition has nothing to do with Pb.  It has everything to do with BB.  Big Brother.  Karl Marx.  Every tyrant who has every diseased humankind with his arrogant, Satanic presence.

Your government is all about harassing honest citizens so much that the right to keep and bear arms–and you–are emasculated.  Resist this as if the enemy were at the gates.  He is.

They are begging for armed revolution, whether steel or lead.

  • Liston Matthews

    Even if it were true, does anyone really believe the Indians and Chicoms would conform? What naivete!

  • Colin

    Another tip: use a throw-away email with any third-party insurance sites as you will get spammed like crazy..