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Model 1911 Look-alikes In Different Calibers

11/18/2010 @ 4:02pm

This post at The Firearms Blog showing the new Browning 1911-22 in .22 long rifle reminds me of the Star Model Super-B. The Star, made in Spain, now discontinued, so closely approximates the dimensions of the Model 1911 that it fits into at least some of the holsters.  (I note that the .22 LR Browning is smaller than the Model 1911 .45 ACP.)  With ammo availability back and with prices at least stabilized, cost may not be as much as a factor but the operate-alike and look-alike weapons are handy to have.  I am enjoying my CMMG .22 LR conversion kit for the AR-15. I experienced malfunctions with my Star (probably magazine spring related) and got rid of it.  Sort of wish I hadn’t now.

Below is a picture of the Star Super B, and here is a description of the Star Super-B in 9mm. I’m curious to know if anyone is shooting one of these.

Star Model Super B pistol in 9mm parabellum

  • Tomcatshanger

    I have a Star Super in 9mm Largo, picked up a 9×19 barrel for it, and it’s slowly beating it self to death even with a recoil spring swap.

    Pretty slick gun though.

  • MJ Mollenhour

    I had not thought of swapping out the barrels.
    Yep, I’m surprised they are not more popular.
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  • hist_ed

    A star BM (slightly smaller version) was the first hangun I ever owned. It was stolen about 15 years ago. I’ve gone through a laundry list of other 9mms (nothing too pricey, but perhaps 10 different guns) and then a year ago I saw another BM at a store for $200. Bought it, took it home, cleaned it up and shot significantly better with it than my Beretta Storm. I use the BM as a carry piece now (chamber empty-the firing pin makes it unsafe otherwise). My plan is to gradually stock up on several so I can cannibalize parts when needed.

  • Chris L.

    I have owned a Star Mod. 30 in 9mm for 21 years now and it works every time i pull the trigger. The Magazines also work in my Marlin camp 9 that I have had even longer.
    It is my favorite hand gun of the 6 in the safe, PT22, Keltek P3AT, CZ 2075 in .40sw and a Thompson 1911. It is NOT my daily carry gun though. At 40oz empty is is to damn heavy for daily carry. All tho at one time it used to be when it was all I had.

  • Chris L.

    I forgot the Taurus Model 450 Total Titanium in .45 Long Colt.