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Would Jesus Own a Gun?

04/24/2011 @ 3:50pm

I suppose to exploit Easter, a local editorial writer asked “Would Jesus Reject Firearms?” Considering Jesus “a mix of fact and fiction, myth and legend,” but apparently knowing his fictional Jesus’ mind, he concludes: “Jesus would certainly counsel us to reject guns, embrace nonviolence and turn the other cheek. Thus, can a citizen’s decision to carry guns be compatible with any sincere belief in Jesus?”

I will follow the example of the Master, and, instead, pose him a question in return.

And, young lady readers, with May and June around the corner, MJM concludes with advice for you brides-to-be!

Would Jesus sit idly by and watch his wife and children tortured and murdered by a home invader?

First, note the editorial writer’s tiring, implied accusation of “Hypocrite!” leveled at any person who both goes armed, and professes belief in Christ.  Rather than writing a serious discussion of when—if ever—violence is justified, even in self-defense, we get the writer’s self-righteous rebuke.

However, to the extent that the writer raises the absolute pacifist argument, on Easter, I address the argument that he makes, all while he backs away from just out-and-out saying what he means—that following Christ demands 100% rejection of violence, regardless of the circumstances.  I challenge, instead, with this question: Would Jesus sit idly by and watch his wife and children tortured and murdered by a home invader?

The issue is not owning or carrying a gun.  The issue is preparing to resort to violence as the lawful, desperate, and necessary means of saving yourself, or another person.  There is a principled argument to be made for absolute pacifism.  However, most who claim to be pacifists, or “peaceful” or “non-violent” have never thought through the issue enough to arrive at that principled argument.  Instead, some—like our local writer here—adopt a hybrid between pretending they would never need to defend anyone, and smug superiority.  Then, they preach their belief to others as “gospel” and exploit political power to force us to comply with what they see as their morally superior world view.  But, for those few who intentionally wrestle with whether they would ever kill another human being, I respect their conclusions–so long as they are honest about the ramifications.  Each should have the freedom to take up arms in self-defense, or to go defenseless, according to his own conscience.  (Conscientious objection during a wartime draft raises an additional issue.)

So, would Jesus permit a home invasion team into the living room to beat, rape, torture and murder His family?

I do not presume to know the mind of Jesus more than He has given to me to know, and He just hasn’t been talking with me about that.  But, He did give me a family to protect.

So, I will add this admonition for the writer, and for any man, in the interest of full disclosure:

If you are a committed absolute pacifist contemplating marriage, I think you owe it to your prospective bride to tell her in advance that you would not defend her, not protect her, not kill for her, and would permit your children to be kidnapped or killed before you would lift a hand against a criminal.


  • Liston

    And young ladies would be wise to check and see if the young man has a carry permit. If he does, he has already been vetted as not being a felon, not guilty of domestic violence, and not adjudicated mentally defective.

  • Les Jones

    And most of the supposed pacifists will call the police, who are armed and ready to engage in violence. So they’re not turning the other cheek. They’re simply outsourcing violence to the state.

  • Zenmastertaz

    If you look at either of the versus, Matthew 26:51, or John 18:10 said that Simon Peter owned a sword. Did he just purchase it that morning, and if so did he hide it such that Jesus couldn’t see it and thus object? Three or four conclusions can be made about that, but I dare not guess of the mind of God. But my definitive comes in Luke 22:36.

  • Wr4th88

    Even if Jesus could somehow reject self-defense, it wouldn’t make people less prone to defend themselves. The editor’s stance is one to weaken Christians and make hypocrites out of gun owners. Honestly, I believe Jesus would not condone any violence. That’s possibly why he never started a family, knowing he could not adequately protect them with any means necessary. But I am not Jesus, and Christians are not Jesus. We are humans and will do whatever it takes to protect what we love.

  • Philip Maynard

    My Lord Jesus, was not a complete pacifist. He got very angry and physically drove the money changers out of His Father’s house because they were defiling it. He was not being a pacifist when he told us to turn the other cheek. He was telling us to stand up to those who would strike us. Ann Barnhardt recently posted on what she thinks Christ would do about weapons. I agree with her in part. I’ve linked to who does a review of her posting because he includes Ms. Barnhardt’s comments in full and she does not have permalinks on her website. I’ve also included a link to her site as well. I think from the Scriptures quoted, Christ was telling us to not be defenseless and to arm ourselves. You can draw your own conclusions from the arguments.

    For full disclosure, Matthew Maynard is my son.

  • snoopycomputer

    From Linked Article: “How do you tell the good guys from the criminals when guns are drawn by civilians without police uniforms?”

    How do you tell the good guys from the criminals when guns are drawn by CRIMINALS WITH police uniforms?
    Matthew 7:19-20 _ Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

  • Beaumont

    This is the same KNS who employ an assistant business editor who does not understand the concept of circulation of money. Amazing that newspapers still don’t understand why their customers keep leaving.

  • Beaumont

    Once again, Les targets an essential truth.