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Zombies and Football

05/26/2011 @ 7:26am

Tam does the grim body count and with characteristic realism, notes that tornadoes and floods are killing far more of us than rising brigades of the zombified dead.  Her wry quote: “So far this year over 500 people in the US have been killed by tornadoes, while there hasn’t been a single confirmed zombie bite.”  She is bringing to our attention that surviving urban chaos is more likely to be a battle against raging elements and live crowds, than the re-animated whom we recognize, but must now grasp are “gone” in the sense of all that we cherish as living and loved ones.

I see The Great Zombie Invasion as a bit like football.  Both are theatrical performances with no intrinsic lasting meaning.  But, the things you have to do to play football—the tactics, the running and slamming into the ground, and the gutting it out, and the quick decisions—all are good exercise for taking on that other team when they turn into an entire league of zombies—for whatever reasons, cosmic rays or foodless days.

But, there is one vital difference between that big football game and the shattering of a country’s tranquility: when it happens, the crowd will not have the luxury to sit and just watch.  Everybody’s a player.

I remain dismayed that our government’s idea of citizen preparedness is a proliferation of bureaucracies writing reports, as shown in this “Short History of National Preparedness Efforts.