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Memorial to America’s Fallen in Battle: Amazon Avenger

05/27/2011 @ 3:00pm

Memorial Day (Monday) honors our war dead.  I am honoring our fallen in battle by choosing the start of the Memorial Day weekend to launch my new Jack McDonald terrorism thriller.  Amazon Avenger is in print and up for sale in time to accompany you as your summer beach-vacation read.  Spies, terrorists, pirates, murder, betrayal, and death to the enemies of the United States of America, all in exotic places.  What more could you want?  Oh, yes, guns.  Some neat guns.  All fiction, but barely.  Read below the book cover to learn more and to consider getting your own copy of Amazon Avenger:

Islamic terrorist missile, Amazon jungle, threatening anaconda, all foreshadow the plot in Amazon Avenger.

Action explodes 1,000 miles up the Amazon in the Brazilian jungle, sets sail for the Caribbean, flies on up to Manhattan, and … well, I don’t want to give away the special ending in which Jack finishes off one of America’s nearby and very mouthy enemies.  He really should not have helped the terrorists in my first novel, Arcturus.

As in Arcturus, Amazon Avenger also honors America’s military, particularly our ground-pounding infantry, and the quiet people in espionage who thanklessly arm them with the intelligence they need to kill our enemies.  I single out my own old unit, the 1st of the 506th Infantry (Curahee) of the 101st Airborne Division, assigning Jack to that unit, too, but they and Jack stand for all of our young men and women in uniform, showing up to fight the country’s hot, dirty wars.

I’ve been asked if I am copying Jack Ryan, of Tom Clancy’s novels, or Jack Bauer, of 24. No, I’m a fan of both, but Jack McDonald I named to honor my own father, Donald Jack Mollenhour, who joined the Army Air Corps in 1944 to fly bombers.  The brass, second lieutenant rank bars pinned on my green Army uniform nearly 30 years later, were first pinned on his Air Corps uniform.  This is my dad, the young aviator after whom I named my main character, Jack McDonald.

I dedicate Amazon Avenger to two veterans who, while cutting it close, fortunately, are not counted among our war dead.  Both men, I ran across early in their careers.  They stayed in for over 30 years, almost all in the most secretive of America’s special operations units.  General (retired) Gerald (Jerry) Boykin’s time in the 1st of the 506th Infantry is a short footnote in his remarkable decades of service, the story told in his book, Never Surrender. The other, a retired general, and a fellow-Tennessean, gutted it out with me at Ranger School.  While mentioned in books and portrayed in Black Hawk Down, he has somehow dodged the press better than he dodged mortar rounds, and I’ll respect his privacy.  Together, they inspired me to create the character, General Paul Ortega, who, while leading SOCOM, runs the secret, and probably illegal, Arcturus counter-terror team, which Jack McDonald is delighted to find himself pulled into.

As a special, if you want to read Arcturus first so that you know all of the background, I have reduced the Kindle version to only $0.99.  That’s right: 99 cents.  You don’t have to read Arcturus to follow the action in Amazon Avenger, but if you enjoy the first you will like the second.  And, if you like action and guns, you will enjoy them both.  You can shop for them from this web site or from the side bar to the right.

I pray for all Americans, that you have a safe and happy Memorial Day.  I’ll be spending it close to home, but in the company of shooters.  You may be with loved ones.  Some of us will be in hot, filthy places, over the hills and far away.

Do good, resist evil, and savor the adventure along the way,



  • John Dupree

    MJM – you know what the biggest problem is with the misconception about gun ownership, rights etc….?  History.  History is not at the top of the list when it comes to our educational system.  Not watered down, interpretational history, but the blunt truth about what has happened in the past.  If it was up to me, I would make every student read the Federalist Papers at the outset.  Because that’s where our country started.