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Los Angeles’ BB Gun Control and the Law of Unintended Consequences

06/7/2011 @ 10:26am

If i were a violent criminal in LA, then I would paint my real gun to look like a colored toy or BB gun and that will cause the officer to delay that critical shot.,0,7534310.story

  • John Dupree

    Well – if some parents do not keep track of the bb gun and its use, then they put their children at risk.  Same goes for sticks, knives, forks, garden tools, bow/arrows, darts, baseballs and name-calling.  Heaven forbid a cop have to consider the circumstances before firing away at a perp.  I can certainly see a cop opening up when a guy runs out of the bank holding a money bag and pointing a bb gun.  However, isn’t it different if a cop rolls up on two or three perps assaulting a few tin cans in an alley?  Again, it’s a situation where, because some cop may or MAY NOT have made a mistake in shooting a teenager (I note that the article failed to give the facts surrounding the shooting), the reaction is to remove discretion and enforce protocol.