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Gunwalker Scandal: Unconstitutional Criminal Conspiracy Against the Firearms Industry and Citizens?

07/30/2011 @ 11:57am

Continuing to emerge despite the shallow and misleading mainstream media coverage, are facts that implicate more federal government agencies and offices. The Obama administration officials are not exactly lining up to say, “I knew!”  “So did I!”  Nevertheless, as Say Uncle observes (“Gunwalker, One step closer to the oval office, July 29, 2011, citing Mike McDaniel writing for PajamasMedia), those high in the administration who had knowledge of Fast and Furious are being identified in growing numbers.  The knowledge was broader than first made known to us and that knowledge is now revealed to have reached The White House.

But, even as the scandal as conceptualized by the mainstream media grows in its dimensions, the MSM keep it limited in concept to the “ineptitude” factor.  This ineptitude spin is designed to keep the public who are listening from understanding how deep the plot went.  The most foul—and perhaps unconstitutionally illegal—aspects remain largely ignored.  That is why I comment here.

First, there are three components to the scandal.  The most immediate is the obvious risk this operation posed to American law enforcement officers, Mexican law enforcers, and property owners along the border.  Officer Brian Terry’s casket literally embodies that risk.  My condolences to the family:  their personal tragedy is beyond remedy.  I say no more here, today, though about their grief and righteous anger.

The second component to the scandal is political cover-up.  Government officials who learned the truth about the origin of American-sold weapons knew the truth, but kept silent, even while listening to other officials lie.  At best, these bureaucrats and members of the executive branch administration permitted gun dealers—and by extension, the NRA and the entire arms-owning citizenry—to be defamed and discredited to guard their own political power.  This component is disgusting, but it is not why I comment here.

The third component is frightening.  This component is a shadow, a suspicion, never to be admitted, but evidenced circumstantially.  It should shock every citizen, though some are so oriented to worship Big Brother that they will just not absorb what our government appears to have done to us.  This component is the prospect of a conspiracy among gun control advocates currently holding political power to exercise their offices to infringe the citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.  At best, the government operatives and professional political class who make up this component, already invested with a deeply held, anti-citizen bias against the freedom to own arms, permitted the press and the administration to use Fast and Furious as a rationale for more gun control.

At worst, they either created the mess or opportunistically seized upon it to work to further deprive U.S. citizens of a constitutional right.

I suspect the administration’s people spotted the opportunity the ATF handed them, encouraged it, indeed demanded it continue, and then they deployed Fast and Furious’s photographs and press conferences in a Big Lie campaign that Stalin would have admired.   Never should we forget the sight of Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, on the president’s cabinet, standing alongside the leader of a foreign power, Mexico, clamoring for more American gun control.  In his defense, President Calderon looks to have been intentionally misled by the American government—led to believe that “loose American gun laws” accounted for American-sold weapons showing up in his country when, instead, the American government was actually selling weapons directly to the drug dealers.  Gun control fit Calderon’s narrative, too, but he may have been tricked into believing that American gun stores were the problem.

Did our own government officials involved in Fast and Furious and in the cover up commit crimes?  RICO and civil rights actions have been filed for less.