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Israel, the PLO, and the U.N.

09/18/2011 @ 4:24pm

The nations who ran the Jews out of Europe, joined by people now surrounding the Jews and sworn to annihilate them, band together into an organization attempting to dominate the world.  That, I think, is a fair summary of the PLO’s application the the United Nations Security Council, to be declared to be a nation-state.  (I cite the NY Times on this, mostly to provide a pro-Palestinian take on the developments at that Mecca of Mischief located in New York City, known as the United Nations.

Consider that China, the Russian Federation, and France sit as permanent members on the Security Council.  In the non-permanent slate, you are hard-pressed to find any friend of Israel, although it will be interesting to see how the self-examining Germans proceed.

Otherwise, the U.N. is a political collection with no love for Israel.  The Russians have long-conspired to work Israel’s undoing.  The Palestinian appeal to be officially joined to the Security Council—as if they are a nation—is no less than a move to create an all-powerful alliance with all of Israel’s enemies, to pave the way for Israel’s dismantling and destruction.

With that false promise of peace held out by the Arab world, we in the West are supposed to think that the resumption of the Islamic conquest fades away.