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Psycho Incinerates Ex-girlfriend: Lessons Learned

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

There are lessons in this account of this man’s carefully-planned out murder-by-fire:

  • They are out there; they are demonic; they contemplate evil beyond what you can imagine; they are willing to DO that evil.
  • However, a well-placed, timely bullet stops them.  If you obey Rule 1 and have a gun when they strike.
  • Be careful of whom you associate with, take up with, live with, and live around.  Be careful of whom your family members associate with.
  • There are benefits to getting a job, working hard,  bettering yourself, and leaving the old neighborhood.
  • Gun control did not save this woman.
  • However, gun control may have stopped her from saving herself.

Will New York City now embrace even more population control, out of fear of flaming elevator murders?  Control sales of yard sprayers?  Gasoline?  Wine (in bottles)?  You cannot legislate away the Idiocracy, but there are plenty of power-hungry and fearful people who collaborate to do so.

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The French Taunting the British–Again

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Those French!  They are at the British, taunting them again.  It’s who they are; it’s what they do.

This time, it’s over economics, not anything as important as the quest for the Holy Grail.  “You English pig-dogs and your silly British pound!  You are like—you are like Greece!

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Did Iran Steal the Drone?

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Maybe, by fooling its software into thinking it was landing back in Afghanistan.  Not sure why that Iranian engineer would talk with the American press about it, but, after all, many of Iran’s sharpest minds were educated here.

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When even Al Jazeerah worries Americans are becoming slaves…

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Since the American Revolution—secured by the War of 1812—our wars have grown government power.  The “Global War on Terror” is no different in that regard.  They can never conquer us from without, but they can undermine who America is until we are no longer even recognizable as the land of the free.  Here, Al Jazeerah reports the work of a Cornell professor, discussing the National Defense Authorisation Act (NDAA) of 2012—becoming infamous as Congress’s unlawful collaboration with the President to authorize the unconstitutional government v citizen killing or imprisonment.

We are in a war for our survival.  No one should doubt that the mission of the global jihad is—global conquest.  Short of outright occupation of the United States and administration of our country under an Islamic theocracy, here is how they see it: anything they can do to dismember us, wound us, maim us, or just change us into something filthy and decrepit, works for them.  Thus, the seeming inconsistency of purportedly devout Muslims collaborating with drug dealers is part of the deception.  Their alliance is consistent, natural, logical, effective, and should have been foreseen.

To the extent we-the-people permit our government to seize power at our expense, the pressure of relentless terrorism achieves the jihad’s goals, even if we win this skirmish, or thwart that plot.

For, once they steal away the liberties that define America, then we exist no longer as any more than just terrain.

This is one reason why American citizenship—the very concept of American citizenship—the status of “American citizen” must be protected, almost revered.

And this is one reason why so many of us so vociferously insist on the right to keep and bear arms.

You should too, even if you never own or even handle a gun.  That freedom—along with freedom of speech, worship, and freedom from unreasonable, warrantless searches and seizures, and the right to be brought before the public, in court, to confront your accusers and to be tried before a jury of citizens—those liberties make you an American, not where your mother was when you were born.

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Iran and Venezuela Collaborate: Completely Unsurprising

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

We should not be caught off guard to discover that two nations full of America-hating enemies collaborate to wreak havoc on our country.  Or when our self-righteous enemies assist the drug cartels by laundering their dirty money.

Stated bluntly: Middle Eastern, Muslim terrorist planners solve the geography problem posed by two oceans and thousands of miles by forming alliances in the Americas.  That is what my two books, Arcturus and Amazon Avenger are all about.  Why would they not sit down and share coffee with Hugo Chavez, the drug cartels, and anyone else lured by the promised money, if only they assist the jihad in undermining the United States?

I can think of one reason why not: the risk that we find out and destroy someone.  That risk must appear acceptable.  We should change that.

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Emily Guns For D.C.’s Catch-22

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

The Washington Post excoriates D.C.’s governors, and observes that the capitol’s .gov may be loosening up.  We are definitely winning.Council Member Phil Mendelson works to undo the catch-22 oppressive D.C. put into play, documented by Emily, the reporter:

One of the most obnoxious hurdles she has found so far is the requirement that prospective gun owners undertake four hours of classroom and one hour of range “safety” training.  As Mr. Mendelson explained to his colleagues Tuesday, “That training can’t be offered in the District of Columbia because our law is such that in order to handle a gun, it has to be registered to you. But you can’t register the gun until you’ve had the training.”

It is inexcusable that the governing body of the nation’s capitol operates like the old Soviet Union.
It is symbolic that the governing body of the nation’s capitol operates like the old Soviet Union.
Lesson learned: Seize power back from the nation’s capitol.

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What Should the US Do About the Drone?

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

I ask the caption question, but what I am really saying this morning is: The United States lacks—and has lacked for decades—a foreign policy, based not only on our ability to influence what we wish, but on our ability to exact what we require.  In that waffling limbo-land, our enemies play.

Our wavering weaknesses in the world make the world more dangerous, mostly for others in faraway nations, and for our deployed armed forces, not for the rest of us back home.  Consider Iran.

Assume that the drone is our real, state-of-the-art pinnacle of unmanned aircraft—not a Trojan horse, toyed-with, technology plant.  Assume that it malfunctioned and landed in Iran.

The Iranian government now uses it to propagandize that portion of its population who hate America.  The rest are frightened by the brinkmanship.  They resent the US spying on them, but they perceive the greater danger to be that our blunder empowers their own oppressive government.  Even worse: the wayward, captured drone now invites attack by the US.

If the drone is a piece of deceptive technology, designed to play games with the Islamic Revolutionary government of Iran, then MJM says: “Bravo!”  Masterfully done.  Keep playing this out.

If the drone is, indeed, our top technology gone astray, then we must have it back—now.  We should be in a position to order the Iranian government to cooperate with its return or face the consequences, and those consequences should be clear, and grave.  Death.  If that were clearly understood by the Iranian government, then they could bluster to their public all they wanted, but they would be scrambling secretly to get that drone back into our hands.

It is our fault that they seem to have no such concerns.  By displaying weakness since the Carter administration, we invite the Iranian government to defy our government and turn our technology against us.  We invite calamity all around, but mostly on the people of Iran.

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Will Europe Collapse?

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

No, of course not.  However, that bloated, abusive, collection of career government regulators known as the EU will.  I think most Europeans will wake up, think about it, and begin to enjoy their new found liberation from the Brussels Bureaucracy, I hope.  The death of the EU should spell the birth of a better Europe.  This article, published in the German “Der Spiegel” voices similar optimism.

I propose for Europe, a new alliance: (more…)

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Did they or didn’t they?

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

Do the Iranians have a used-to-be secret drone of ours, or not?  I would like to think that either they—or even we—are involved in deception.

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This Muslim terrorist kidnapping…

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

This kidnapping in the Philippines reminds me of the kidnapping of Martin and Gracia Burnham in 2000.  Remember: When Gracia Burnham questioned her captors about their goals, she found them more ambitious than this article reports.  The goal was not just to make their island a Muslim state, or to capture Manila and make all of the Philippine islands Muslim.  No, we should all hear the unbounded mission statement of conquest: “Allah is for the world.”  Even if it takes murder, rape, and kidnapping, if we judge by their actions.  Her book is a warning to all travelers, and to all people, including Muslims who cherish the freedom to worship apart from the threat of the beheading knife.

I recommend Gracia Burnham’s book, In the Presence of My Enemies for her chilling insights into the minds of those men bent on the Muslim conquest of the world.

I fictionalize the rescue, in which Martin was killed, in my book, Amazon Avenger.