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Obamanomics: Turmoil Far Beyond President Obama

01/3/2012 @ 10:12am

These numbers, cited at Pajamas Media, are making the rounds.  They should be shocking, but we are all so swamped by debt and spending numbers, that we are numb.  Here is why I comment.

President Obama is merely the latest high priest at the top of the government temple of worship.  He presides over a vast power priesthood, skilled at tricking the rest of us into laying down our sacrifices at the alter of the .gov god.

This is not about President Obama.  Defeating him is tactical, not strategic.  What is at stake here is this: the illusion they have foisted on all of us since at least the Johnson administration is breaking down and with this mass deception, falls their power.  They desperately continue to lie to us, frantic to make us believe that they are The Great Society, smearing opponents, demonstrating in the streets, and calling us names even as the culture they wrought breaks down and as the taxpayers’ debt reaches unimaginable amounts of money.  They tell us we must vote for them, “for jobs” even as they continue to fire new salvos of taxation, legislation, regulation, and litigation at business and property owners.

To my left leaning readers:  I know that it is hard to give up a way of seeing the world that is in tatters.  But, that is what you must do if you assess reality.  Every time you vote for a Democrat or a big government Republican, you weaken all of us—the weakest among us the most.  You are dismantling America job-by-job, house-by-house, liberty-by-liberty.  Your were intoxicated by the heady promises that government could solve all problems.  Surely, you can no longer believe such promises.

There is an alternative: It is liberty, under law, administered by limited self-government, closely constrained by the fetters of the Constitution, and guarded by free speech, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure and arrest, and the right to face your accusers, in court.  If all else fails, those freedoms are guarded by a great fortress known as the right to keep and bear arms.

Let liberty be your default.  Demand that your government stop the spending that is destroying us all.  Will such freedom be messy?  Of course?  But, take a look around you.