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Parlaying What You’ve Got Into a Career

04/3/2012 @ 6:11pm

If you have read this blog at all, you know that MJM reveres the entrepreneurial spirit.  Sometimes, that spirit takes the form of the legendary Puritan work ethic; sometimes, it manifests itself in creative, but not so solid ways.  Consider the cases of two young ladies women who hit the news lately: Anna Chapman and Sandra Fluke.  OK, folks, here we go.

You’ve got to give credit where it is due.  Russian spy Anna Chapman leveraged her persona non grata official status here, into celebrity status back home in the USSR.  (Oops, that’s right, communism is supposed to be dead.  Russia–back home in Russia.  I have to remind myself.  While the Russians I’ve met seem so relieved to be out from under the Kremlin, the official Russian government seems as hostile to America as ever.)  But a certain chick-a-rooskie turned getting made in the US and booted out, into quite a career back home.  This girl is not retiring to some dacha.  You should read her history.  Sort of hilarious.  Sort of titillating.  Sort of sordid.  But, MJM congratulates Anna Chapman, erstwhile Russian spy, for landing on her feet back in the USSR.  There I go again.

First captured spy turned sex symbol since Mata Hari


Now, compare Anna Chapman to a more recent case of excellent media manipulation.  I am not talking Twitter or Facebook, either.  This girl maneuvered her way in front of real cameras in the pseudo-halls of Congress.  Pretending to be “just a law student concerned about women’s’ rights” Sandra Fluke guaranteed herself a job working for (Here, fill in the blank with just about whatever hateful USSR-like American left-wing propaganda organization you want.)  Sandra Fluke is, herself, a cause celebre.  While men may ask, “Where was she when I was in college?” others now reward Sandra with speaking engagements.  According to Huffpo: “Asked repeatedly if she might have a future in political office, Fluke admitted she is “talking to a number of people right now about some exciting job opportunities.”

Yep, and I’m betting that is what it was all about.  There is a market for leftist activists and you have launched yourself into being one, Sandra.

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