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EPA Administrator Sacrificed Over “Crucify” Comment

05/1/2012 @ 3:57pm

I should create a new blog-post category: “Marxists Among Us.”  Despite all of their back-tracking, and insistence that what he said did not really mean what he said, Al Armendariz revealed exactly that Marxist philosophy that so drives this administration’s time at the executive desk of our government.

His timing was bad: election year, price of gas up, economy down.  In his anti-business fervor, he believed his administration’s “hate Exxon” propaganda.  The rest of us out here appreciate the automobile.  We are not prone to shuffle obediently onto government trains to go live in high-rise apartments in government-planned, massive urban enclaves and take trains and buses everywhere.

What irony about who got made into an example!  You may see yourself as the all-powerful Romans taking no prisoners, but we barbarians are at your gates, fool.

Al: You made the “Idiocracy Report.”  The crucifixion backfired.