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The Infection Among Us All

05/19/2012 @ 8:38am

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit brings to our attention the ravings of an environmentalist who advocates killing off human beings, and replacing any manifestation of freedom with dictatorship.  The piece Glenn cites at may look radical, but the madman quoted there merely voices the logical conclusion of a melding of three modern movements that infect and steer much of our culture— Marxism, behaviorism, and environmentalism. Stick with me on this: what I am about to write is who we are, where we live, and what our civilization will become if we stay on this track.

There are identifiable reasons for why people do the things they do.  There always are.  The reason for the roiling madness that you see out there is that we modern, western humans are infected by a pervasive thought-disease that streams live to us every day from a thousand sources.

And, you are probably at some stage of the disease, yourself.

Communism.  Forget looking for card-carrying communists.  Look for Marxist influence.  To the Marxist, the state is god.  To reject the state is heresy.  Being a heretic makes you a target for punishment.  We saw Marx’s prize students slaughter their way toward total power over the individual.  His prize students today are more subtle.  Marxist thought broadly infects today’s politics.  The progressive income tax, mandatory government education, all credit controlled by national banks, abolition of private property rights—Do these planks of communism Marx listed in The Communist Manifesto sound familiar?

Behaviorism.  Psychologist B.F. Skinner took a few simple, practical, ideas from the emerging school of psychology called “behaviorism” and extrapolated them into a sweeping advocacy for one-world government by intellectual elites.  His book, Beyond Freedom and Dignity, lays out his manifesto for dictatorship by the self-anointed intellectual elite.  Skinner mocked the notions of freedom and individual, moral accountability.  “His “intentional design of a culture” is the opposite of liberty.  Skinner saw it as necessary that the power of government be brought to bear to establish and press the culture onto all of us.  Skinner’s elites must reward, punish, and manipulate the rest of us.   He remains highly influential.

Environmentalism.  What a convenient movement!  Environmentalism is the gasoline of fear, thrown onto a satanic fire-pit filled with wood stacked there by Marxism and behaviorism.  Think “Chicken Little” animated by the appetite of The Blob and the homicidal drive of Alien.

Environmentalists first see people as reduced to mere protoplasm—we are nothing more than evolved lumps of goo after all—except that, somehow, we are no longer nature and have become monstrous “anti-nature.”  So, we must be curbed, controlled, even destroyed.  Otherwise, supposedly, we vermin-humans will destroy “the planet.”

Remember who Chicken Little ran to for help?  The king.  That king saw Chicken Little as a fool; the king these days sees Chicken Little as opportunity, knocking. 

We need a new name for this mind-meld with totalitarians of different stripes.  Whatever we call our modern would-be masters, the result of their thought-infection is idiocracy.  One of the great ironies is that, instead of achieving their designed, better society, we devolve into the mess we are seeing played out today.

But, they cannot see that.  Instead of recognizing the failures of false philosophies, they just claim more power.  (That’s another Marxist influence: Marxists believe that always, the drive is ever toward communism, regardless of setbacks.  Setbacks merely set the stage for the next stage of communism.  The rightness of communism is not questioned.  Just stay on the track to communism and, some day, it will all get better.)

These thought-infections play out every day; Glenn linked to the blog post calling attention to “The Face of Genocidal Eco-fascism” which has made it into children’s movies, high school projects, and museum explanations posted at exhibits.  Washington, D.C., demands more tribute from American citizens so that it can “stimulate the economy” and shape “energy policy.”  Politicians use the force of government to impose new standards of normal, moral, and good, overturning even something as fundamental as who can marry.  Governments jealous of their power strive to enforce monopoly over power by disarming individual citizens.  Where it cannot disarm, it strives to make people afraid to use their weapons in their own defense.  There are thousands of examples.  You hear them blared out every day.  It is hard to resist.