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“Ratcheting Up the Level of Darkness”

07/20/2012 @ 10:38am

This post’s caption is a quote from a 2008 British article, reviewing The Dark Knight.  The writer’s 2008 prophecy came true last night: The Dark Knight did, indeed, arise.

So, why?  How could this happen?  Isn’t that what everyone wants to know, or have we given up trying to explain these murderous rampages?



As western culture ratchets up the level of darkness, we are struck dumb in our inability to explain violence, such as this new mass-murder committed at a movie theater—at a midnight debut of The Dark Knight Rises.

Have you noticed that our culture’s behavioral experts have almost given up trying to trace the dark seeds that manifest themselves in murderous orgy, the latest being James Holmes’s late last night in an Aurora, Colorado theater?

As western culture degenerates, (Can anyone claim otherwise?), our behavior experts’ powerlessness joins that of our financial experts and legal experts who continue to purport—unconvincingly—that they can impose “systems” that solve our problems.

By now, rational people should accept that they cannot.  Indeed, rational people should observe that empowering our self-anointed elites makes us worse.

This is not a post of despair.  This is a post calling all who read to shatter any faith left in western civilization’s love affair with itself.  Give it up.

In the meantime, The Dark Knight rises.  What do we learn from his latest raid?  Here are some lessons:

Stop looking to the failed institutions of power to keep you safe, and “make it all right.”

Choose a public-venue seat with a quick escape.  As they say at the movies: “Familiarize yourself with the exits.”


And—unless you are willing to submit yourself to the monstrous whims of The Dark Knight and those he seduces into destruction—arm yourself.

Practice head-shots.

Why carry a gun?  Simple.  From this latest blood-fest, we learn—again—You live in The Dark Knight’s sphere of influence and he may seek to devour anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Finally, and most importantly: this is not a time for me to be cryptic about the evil we face.  I am aware of the various secular, materialist philosophies that attempt in vain to explain the evil we see in our world.  Let’s just say it; give it up.  Man is more than matter that chanced to coalesce and grow over time.  Our world is more than just the stuff we see.  We are more than just that stuff.  I believe the evil we see in the world cannot be explained in strictly material terms, and only the presence of Satan can account for it.

If you scoff at the notions of sin and Satan, then I can only sadly say that you are woefully inadequate to explain what we see going on in our world.  My ears are open to sufficient explanations.  So far, your solutions seem to be failing.  By now, you should be acknowledging that the West’s new religion of secular legalism is a false religion, indeed.  We will not solve our problem by layers of laws, lawmakers, and lawyers, underpinned by brigades of cultural experts.

I say “thank you” to Jenny McCartney, writing for the “UK Telegraph.”  She warned us.  In 2008.  In 2012, her prediction came true.

And, if I lose you, reader, with this post, then, before you go, you explain what just happened out there—what is happening out there every day.

  • Gen4glock17

    Eloquently stated! I agree 100%. There is EVIL in this world, and the USA is, sadly, learning just how much.

  • PlubanLobos

    Wait a sec…aren’t you the same person who sold Holmes the ammo?