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MJM’s Day After

11/7/2012 @ 11:48am

I quit.  Well, at least for the day.  Why work?

Instead, I am going to start working on getting some government grants.  Not sure for what, but that’s where the endless supply of money is, and, hey, I might as well get my share of government cheese, too.

The trick is to do stuff you like, but make it sound politically correct. Oh, yes, and, of course, jack the price way, way up.  Here are some of my ideas.

“A Study On the Evolution of Chili Con Carne As an American Staple”

“Safer Bullets”  (I might have to buy thousands of test rounds.”)

“Hearing Conservation” (I would conclude favorably toward permitting general use of sound-suppressors.)

“A Study on the Feasibility of Establishing Micro-Breweries in Appalachia”  (Self-explanatory)

I invite minority participation.  No, that does not mean you libertarians; you are not the right kind of minority for this.

  • Colin Mollenhour

    Silly plebe, grants are for lobbyists! The average citizen must stoop to welfare program fraud to get in on the action (while it lasts)..