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Do you want the EPA regulating your ammo stash?

11/8/2012 @ 7:19pm

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (famous for putting on the SHOT Show every year) alerts us about a threat to your ability to buy ammo.  Yes, fellow gun-owners; we get no rest because they on the other side never rest.  You know how this stuff goes; right now, they split us by going after shotshells, saying, “Oh, bullets sent downrange at ranges—no problem there.”  In reality: today, it’s shotgun shells; tomorrow it’s your FMJ.

The NSSF asks you to contact your state’s two senators, asking them to vote yes on S. 3525, The Sportsmen’s Act.  The Sportsmen’s Act is a collection of 19 distinct bills.  One bill is aimed at the efforts made by one anti-hunting group to ban what we know as ammunition.  By banning “traditional” lead-bullet and pellet ammunition, they hope to drive the cost up to further dissuade shooters.  The package known as The Sportsmen’s Act includes a bill to stop that nonsense.  The House version passed with overwhelming—but not unanimous—support.

I am not a hunter.  I have.  I will again, no doubt.  Just not my thing.  But, I recognize the close linkage between the actual field use of guns in hunting, and protecting the ownership and use of guns in sport shooting and defensive weapon training.   As I told a hunting friend years ago, when he expressed that no one needed the right to carry a handgun: “They will soon come for that fine pre-1964, scoped Winchester Model 70 “sniper” rifle you are so proud of, too.  No one should be able to own such deadly, high-powered, sniper weapons!”

I would say, “It begins” already, but it began long ago and will never let up.  So, Americans, now is the time to guard our freedoms even more diligently than before.

Buy more ammo.  Not a shameless plug for sponsor.  I am proud to say it.


  • bllew

    As of today, 13 Nov, the bill has 14 co-sponsors and has not been assigned to a committee. Having been composed of 19 previous bills I sort of expected it to have a few more co-sponsors.  At this point write your Senators and ask them to co-sponsor. When or if it reaches some critical mass, it will be assigned to a committee.