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Rule 1: Bring a gun to a gunfight–ways to bring it (or them)

12/11/2012 @ 9:06am

Richard Johnson writes about off-body carry when faster, more secure options aren’t.

For readers who come across the blog and are unfamiliar with the jargon, Rule 1 simply means this.  If you are attacked by someone intent on killing you, and that vile scum is armed, you really, really, really need a gun and nothing else substitutes.  Not your Tai Chi moves; not your vote in favor of that gun controlling senator; not your folding lock-blade knife; not your fists.  Not 9-1-1.  OR even a long press on 9, once you wipe your finger and unlock your smartphone.  A gun.  You really need one.  At times like those.

You neither picked nor created the fight—sometimes they bring it to you despite all of your good intentions and behavior.  If you are unprepared weapon-wise, then you are a default pacifist—and you know what happens to them.  You did not really mean to be a pacifist victim, it just happened that way because you found yourself in a gun fight, and only that vile scum attacker was armed.

By far, most of us will, thankfully, never be there.  We will probably never be hit head on in a car wreck either, but air bags and seat belts save lives.  So do guns.

So, Richard considers ways you might choose to assure that you are prepared for that unlikely, but life-changing moment.  And, I am not talking about the lottery.