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Why They Lost Their Following: “Climate Change”

12/17/2012 @ 8:48am

Local paper carries story this morning of an engineering (and “environmental science”) professor’s research.  He and his graduate assistant dutifully find we are going to get hotter, right here in Tennessee, followed up quickly with quit burning coal, diesel and gasoline.

Troubles are:
1.  He sampled from data from only 2001 through 2004.  I am sure that was convenient, but I don’t want guru wannabees imposing “The sky is falling!” public policy on us all from that little peek.  From the newspaper report: “They analyzed data, including daily rainfall and temperature highs and lows, from 2001 to 2004 to predict the climate in years 2057 to 2059.”
2. Computer modeling.  It’s best use is preliminary hypothesis exploration.  Its main function has become getting graduate students doctoral dissertations and masters degree theses, so they can get their degrees and graduate.
3.  The professor’s sweeping recommendations make me suspicious.
4.  I still remember all of the scientists predicting the next ice age.  I should be looking out over a glacier right now, according to them.

For all “climate scientists”: Your field was exposed as fraud.  You corrupted your findings with your political bent.  You mix every study report with grand recommendations for what we all have to do, right now!  You may be right, but how can anyone trust you anymore?  And, your selection of four recent years is unimpressive.  No matter how much computer horsepower you throw into it, garbage in, garbage out.