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Today on Benghazi: Hillary prepares

12/21/2012 @ 10:35am

By holding the hearings without the Secretary of State in the chair, now, on the Friday after Thursday’s question and answer session, Mrs. Clinton gets the benefit of going over congressional transcripts from the hearings conducted yesterday.  She gets to rehearse her own cross-examination.  Assuming that she ever appears at all.

I still want to know, from the most open administration in history:

  • Who made the decisions leaving consulate security at the dangerously lax levels encountered by the terrorists on 9-11-12?
  • Who made the specific decision to subcontract security out to Libyan nationals?
  • Who failed to reinforce, or who prevented reinforcement as the attack unfolded?
  • At what point was the President briefed, and what was he told?  Just where was he during all of this?
  • What troops and weapons were available?
  • Who first planted the suggestion that the YouTube video trailer was the immediate cause?
  • Who was present when this lie was suggested?
  • Who participated in the decision to lie to the American people about this video?
  • What was the content of these discussions about using the video as the false cause for the debacle?  Who said what?
  • How was Susan Rice selected to carry the administration’s lie to the press?
  • Why did Hillary not carry the lie to the press?  If she knew this was a lie (which she did) what protests did she make as the lie was trotted out?
  • What information was Susan Rice handed?  Not just the “talking points”—what did she know about this being an obviously pre-planned raid?

Debacle, dithering, death, deceit.

The message of abandonment is not lost on either our military forces, or on the State Department people sent to far-flung hell-holes: this administration will hang you out to dry; they will abandon you; they will watch you burn and not lift a finger.  You are out there on your own, if sending help might be politically disadvantageous to them.

And, to the American people who re-elected them: You are no better.  On election day, you already knew this and you chose to put these people in charge again.