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Arguing for the AR-15

12/26/2012 @ 9:11am

Your time is better spent selecting and accessorizing your AR-15.  Then, invite an open-minded, curious friend out to shoot it.

It is unproductive to advocate for the right to keep and bear arms, to your basic progressive.  Why?  Because the Left has successfully linked “gun control” to all other issues conservative.  This issue-linkage produces a warp in logical argument.  Here it how that works.

Even the progressive Democrat who owns guns and wants the gun controllers restrained, allies with them anyway.  In that leftist’s mental calculus, other issues (global warming, social justice, labor, mountain-top removal, fracking, free healthcare, whatever) outweigh that progressive’s support for the right to keep and bear arms.  Additionally, his leaders in the Democrat Party apparatus and opinion influence agents in major media have conducted a decades-long campaign to demonize the NRA, hunters, handgun carriers, and by strong implication, all white males who are “pro-gun.”

Their vicious diatribes against us have orchestrated hatred to the current crescendo, climaxing now with NRA Derangement Syndrome.  They write of Wayne LaPierre in the most vile terms.  They believe the strangest things about the NRA—about us.  I am just reading their writings: they see owning the AR-15 as some sign of mental illness.  Not just a benign defect—an evil bent to be eradicated.  Just read what they write.  It’s weird.

Many Democrat voters are disturbed by the how many in their party turn an anti-gun social and political position into irrational hatred against the ordinary citizen who does not share this loathing of firearms.  A few speak up to argue the liberal pro-gun position; they are too few.  Most Democrats merely relegate the issue to a lesser importance.  They tolerate the deranged, rabid, vile accusations made by their fellows, because they are allies with those fellows in so many other causes.  If you are a liberal Democrat reading this, and if you see the value of the Second Amendment, then please speak out.

If you are a gun owner and right to keep and bear arms advocate, then understand: these deranged progressives have been influenced to hate you.  The things they believe about you are awful.  Because you are the most vile form of life on earth (other than a fracker maybe) nothing you say will be heard by them.  It does not matter to them that your AR-15 is not a machine gun, or that a pistol grip is merely an ergonomic improvement, or that the .270 is more powerful than the .223, or that the AR-15 has made it solidly into the mainstream of American hunting and sporting life.  It does not matter.  They are able to miss altogether that millions of Americans own the AR-15 and harbor no murderous fantasies whatsoever.  (They suspect that you do, of course.)  They are urged on by an urban elite who know nothing about guns, and they are supported by European collectivists who fear American strength.  These deranged progressives skip all counter-arguments and go straight to making you the equivalent of the mass shooter.  Nothing you say or write to them even gets heard.

Now, consider instead beginning the process of recruiting an new NRA member from among that growing number of them who think perhaps they should at least have a working firearm around: that is worth your time.