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Why do “civilians” need an AR-15?

01/8/2013 @ 12:00pm

It is desirable—even a duty—in a free nation, that the people own the best firearms, in ready condition, of a caliber using ammunition shared in common with the Army, comparable to, or better than the arms that might be turned against the people by tyrants or invaders.  It is advisable to own more than one, and the same is true of the most likely enemy’s caliber, as well.—MJM

  • Mr Evilwrench

    I’ve made a conscious effort to have more than one firearm for each of 9×19, .40SW, .45ACP, 5.56×45, 7.62×39 and 7.62×51, plus some other non mil/LE calibers.  I’ve also made a point to own or at least familiarize myself with most common types, so I can “pick up” anything I happen to find and be proficient.  With both hands.  It always just made sense.

  • Brooks

    Sure. Sure. I agree, but nobody listens when I say it. Listen now, folks. There IS a revolution coming; the imagined “have nots” ( who don’t realize that just because somebody has more than you doesn’t automatically put you in an underprivileged status) will rise up against the “haves”. At that time all these people calling for gun control are going to have about 3 seconds to rethink their position. Too late! You’re dead. Revolution thwarted.

  • Kalashnikat

    The leftards are not likely to even recognize the argument that this has anything to do with militias, armies, or defense against tyrants or invaders.
    …Bumberg is still ranting that no one needs ten rounds to shoot a deer…so he’s going to insist that gun makers develop a new york unique magazine that holds 7 rounds (granted there are pistol mags in that capacity, most rifles are are either 5 rounds to meet the common hunting laws, or ten and up for military/law enforcement and HOME DEFENSE use…

    Hardly a morning goes by that I don’t wake up to the radio news of another three-perp home invasion going down during the night…don’t know if it’s a local gang initiation rite or a training evolution, but most home invasions lately are threesomes kicking in the door, and at least one is armed.  Maybe the tactical thought is that people can focus on one attacker, can possibly still dispatch one and then focus on the second, but are not intrinsically capable of assessing three threats simultaneously…