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Refunds due! “Free David Gregory Defense Fund” Update

01/12/2013 @ 11:35am

Well, this is embarrassing.  As it turns out, all that money I collected from you for David Gregory’s legal defense will not be needed by David Gregory after all.  It looks like David Gregory will not be prosecuted!  Now, who would have foreseen that?  After all, the statute he plainly violated criminalized holding long aluminum box springy things (30-round magazines) in your hands period: a zero tolerance statute.  Mr. Gregory violated the law.  I just knew he would be arrested, booked, and prosecuted at any moment.  But, noooooo!

It must help to have friends in high places, like David Gregory has a friend in his should-have-been prosecutor.

Now, I would have to refund all of that money.  Except, that for some reason, none of you gun-nuts out there really wanted to come to the defense of just an ordinary citizen like David Gregory, with his otherwise innocent mitts on an illegal aluminum box springy thing.  I thought you would be all over that, outraged at the arbitrary exercise of state police power.  For some reason, David Gregory did not benefit from your generosity.  But, in the end, it didn’t matter.  He benefited from being David Gregory, with David Gregory’s elite friends.  So, there!  He is David Gregory, and you are not!  And, David Gregory is still free!