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Gun Control Hypocrisy on Video

01/16/2013 @ 10:38am

This YouTube video is making the rounds, I just don’t want you to miss it.  It is hilarious.  It is revealing.  It is irony and the perfect revenge against those harassing lawful citizens who own guns.  It shows their houses, tells their names, and outs them as gross hypocrites who won’t own guns; they just hire others with guns.

“Put a sign on your lawn that says, ‘No guns here!'”

Reporters who thought it was so clever to publish handgun permit holders’ names; a police officer caught on tape violating the constitutional right of others; armed guards protecting those against the right to keep and bear arms; Eric Holder (represented by a police officer—with a gun).  Quite a cast of characters.

The line I laughed at the most, though, was this one.  One anti-gun guy, more open and honest than the rest, quoted a progressive friend of his who called him a fool for wanting to ban guns.  The progressive friend’s rationale is that there is going to be a revolution, and if the progressives keep making guns objects of horror to be avoided, then only the “right wing” will have guns.  So, the left wing needs guns, too.  To kill the right wing.  Wow.

I would at least agree with him on one point: It is desirable that free law-abiding citizens universally be equipped with the best weapons.  Right.  Left.  Whatever.  I for one do not begrudge the progressives the right to keep and bear arms.  I request the same consideration.

Thank you, Citizens Against Senseless Violence!