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“You are more likely to harm yourself with a gun, than to successfully defend yourself.” The Best Answer to This Lie

02/2/2013 @ 12:04pm

I add this to the post about how one person with a gun could have stopped the mad knife-slasher cold.

This post is written to those who would grant the people who govern a monopoly on firearms.

Please do not respond with that tired false argument that people are X times more likely to harm themselves with a gun than to successfully defend themselves.  That is one of the silliest things I have ever heard.  There are many flaws with such a dense recital of this number.  You don’t think so?  Well, think for a moment.




Would-be statisticians cannot count the number of times that an occurrence did not happen.  How many armed citizens have prevented attacks by shooting, or by merely producing a firearm?  (Here is one recent example of many.)  When an armed citizen kills a murderer, how many potential future murders did the armed citizen just thwart?  How many accidental firearms shootings did not occur because the gun-owner practiced sound safety rules?  You cannot calculate the numbers comparing accidental firearms deaths with armed citizen self-defense shootings of bad guys.  (You might look up the number of firearms accidents, and note that they are way down the list compared to other causes.)

Consider for just a moment that firearms owners vary widely in their experience, methods, equipment, and in their practice of basic firearms safety rules.  The probability that one diligently practices sound firearms safety will be markedly different from another.

That brings me to the most important thing I have to say to you, who would so lightly hand your liberty over to those other people who are .gov.

Consider how easy it is to remedy any one person’s lack of firearms familiarity and safety training. If you are truly concerned about firearms safety, then we all know the solution: training.  Basic firearms safety training.  Not marksmanship training or tactics training.  Just teaching and reinforcing the basic four gun safety rules saves lives.  You who purport to be concerned about “gun violence” and who include accidental shootings in your fears: you should be an evangelist of these rules like you yell at people for not wearing bicycle helmets.  Start in the home, and in elementary school.  More age-appropriate training in middle and high school.  But, I bet you recoil from the very idea of teaching these rules.

Therefore, I conclude and accuse: Unlike the person you despise who chooses to arm, you do not care one whit for saving lives.

So, for safety’s sake, I admonish you: You should behave in a child-like way.  If you find a gun, stop! Don’t touch! Leave the place!  Go tell a responsible adult.  If you want to become a responsible adult, get familiar with firearms and the safety rules that save lives.  Teach them to your loved ones.  Whether you ever own a gun or not.

In the meantime, to all, at least keep your finger out of the trigger guard until shooting, and never point a gun at anyone you are not prepared to shoot.