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More Stupid Reaction to “Guns in Lots” Legislation

02/27/2013 @ 7:00pm

I’m out of patience for the day.  This Knoxville News Sentinel article discussed below is a prime example of the Idiocracy at a newspaper.

My state is taking up legislation that simply lets handgun carry permit holders keep the gun in the car, wherever they drive to and park.  That’s it.

It’s been mis-cast as “gun rights vs. property rights.”  This intentional slant ignores that enterprises inviting the public onto their property expect the person to arrive in his own property, driven onto the parking lot: the patron brings his car and its contents, and leaves his property on the business property.  That’s it.

My pretty-good local paper picks up this AP story out of Nashville.  In this article, the reporter has looked far and wide to try to find some example of “trouble” with guns in cars parked in lots.  Here is what is so stupid about it.

Permit or not, anyone who wants to can drive onto the lot, park the car full of guns, explosives, and nuclear waste if he can get his hands on it.  NOTHING (Yes, I am shouting.) about a little sign stops that person.  Nothing.  Can you (reporter) get that?  The guy wanting to bring a gun to a bar fight does not need a permit at all, now does he.  Neither the permit law nor a sign at the lot entrance will stop him.

The offender representing about .0000000001% of all permit holders is in trouble.  His permit is suspended.  He is accused of fighting, getting bounced, then going to his car, getting a gun, and returning to the “club” to threaten others.  Maybe he did; maybe there is more to the story.  Personally, I see it as unwise to be out at 2:00 a.m. at a place called Klub Ciroc.  Maybe we should ban clubs.  Or, force them to close at 10:00 p.m.  As I read the story, no shots were fired.  But, while the legislation would de-criminalize literally thousands of citizens’ daily, rational, safe behavior, you (reporter) go out of your way to find someone who acted up with a gun.  And your argument is that a sign at Klub Ciroc (name misspelled in the article) could have stopped this.  How dumb are you?