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President Obama Has New Middle East Advisor

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Jimmy Carter had his unpronounceable Zbigniew Brezinski for National Security Advisor.  While Jay Carney has mumbled no official announcement, and though President Obama has little to say about it, it is plain that President Obama’s Middle Eastern foreign policy is now headed by the Russian and French named Statov de Bachle.

The president’s staunch U.S. supporters remain obliviously on their free phones and ecstatic over the Statov de Bachle Middle East foreign policy.  They remain unshakably confident that Egypt, Syria, Libya, Somali warlords, the southern Sahara slave-trading raiders, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Mullah-inspired American youths will all soon love America.  Because President Obama obviously has the Middle East well in hand with his Statov de Bachle initiatives.

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Govswarmed—a dying business as a live example

Friday, June 28th, 2013

As if on cue yesterday, after posting “Govswarmed” I picked up the local paper and learned that National Coal Company has stopped all surface mining in Tennessee.  The company had already closed its Knoxville headquarters in 2011.  One county where National Coal used to mine has unemployment over 20%.  That’s right: in America, unemployment over 20%.

The recent news was the result of an “agreement” National Coal reached with the EPA.  “The agreement effectively ends National Coal’s involvement in surface mining in Appalachia….”

In a govswarmed society, people reach “agreements” because they are forced to.

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The Petulant President

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

I am tired of being mocked by this president who falsely claims to be the great healer.  Before it was guns, religion, implications of racism; now, it’s “climate change.”

Whether or not human development and use of technology somehow causes global climate change should be supported on the basis of sound research methods, reliable data collection, and integrity in reporting the results.  It is not my fault that socialists seized “climate change” as their mantra and corrupted their research.

They may be right; the problem today is that they cannot be trusted.  Not at the polling places; not at the IRS; not at the NSA; not at Health and Human Services; not at the White House or State Department.  More to the point: they cannot be trusted to take the world’s temperature and follow the data where the data lead them.  They have an agenda that drives what is supposed to be science.

And now, the petulant president diminishes himself further.  Unable to argue the reliability of his side’s science, he calls us names.

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County Hit With $300,000 Obamacare “Fee”

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

President Obama raised taxes on the middle class, the lower class, all at the same time.  We Knoxville property tax payers just got hit by President Obama with $300,000 in additional taxes.  For Obamacare.

To my Democrat readers: I fully expect you to already be inventing rationale for excusing President Obama and your party for this.  The $300,000 tax should, nevertheless, sober you up just a little.  Maybe?  Does it occur to you that this is a tax?  Remember?  You were sold this nationalized health care takeover in part on the basis that it did not raise taxes.  Every homeowner in Knoxville and Knox County will pay for this.  And, we were all promised that no taxes were being raised on the middle class (implying also no taxes raised on the lower class).  This newly-taxed group paying the additional $300,000 Obamacare tax includes the 80-year old living in the 900-square foot home she paid for decades ago.  It includes the couple in their thirties, struggling to make mortgage payments, both working jobs where their employers have cut hours because business is down.

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Damn the 38

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Not the caliber and round.  These 38 arrogant, aristocratic, wannabe privileged Texas lawmakers want special privileges for the “top dog”?  Okay.  Damn them to a hell where Satan enjoys gin-and-tonic under an air-conditioned flame-retardant umbrella, while forcing them to shovel coal and stoke the flames under his whip.

Imagery, of course; I don’t really mean it, but it would be justice.  Those 38 forgot that the people of Texas sent them to Austin to represent the people of Texas.

I love the power of the vote.  Satan may be all in with them, but the voters can banish these people back to wherever they came from.

Thanks to Instapundit for the alert.

Many lawmakers intentionally, consistently, and increasingly fragment the American people into tiny, bickering factions, mis-treated or favored differently under the law that is supposed to apply equally to all.

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London Terrorist-Butchers Unleash Frantic Western Nonsense

Friday, May 24th, 2013

There are too many things wrong in this article about the two Islamic jihadi butchers in London to count.

Start with the caption: how do you “brace” for possible copycat attacks if you have nothing to “brace” with?  You may cower.  You may shuffle helplessly.  But, to me, “bracing” implies taking some effective action.  A disarmed people may cower in fear, but they cannot “brace” for anything.

Then, we read that “Britain is bracing for clashes with right-wing extremists…”  When government fails its essential missions, when government is derelict in its fundamental duties, then that government must expect that some of the people will rise up.  In this instance, the government recklessly opened the door to people who hate America and all reap the destruction.  Some decide “Enough!” and take their defense into their own hands.  This is not “extreme.”  It is common sense.

London is sending more than 1,000 police to “potential trouble spots”….  Wait.  You know where the trouble spots are?  Why are you permitting the infection to fester?  How about sending some people back to the hell-hole they came from so that you eliminate the “trouble spots?”

“Only “a fraction of Britain’s police offers are armed.”  No further comment needed.

“Right-wing extremists, meanwhile, said they would be holding demonstrations…to protest.  To protest.  And they are extremists.  I certainly hope the British are protesting.

And, then, there’s “Stockholm Syndrome II” where your captors arrive in small numbers, make the captured cower in their homes, and the pathetically passive majority of that country are still afraid to rise up and demand that the government preserve their nation.  I could be talking about Sweden, or the United Kingdom, but I am talking about the United States.

I am going to continue to say this:

Muslim people are at civil war for the soul of Islam.  The jihadi tolerate no bystanders; they kill infidel and Muslim alike.

Their civil war spills over onto us—to the extent we permit the jihad.

We do not have to permit them.  Think of ways to preserve your country.  Demand your politicians act.

Until you in the Islamic world figure out whether Islam is peaceful or murderous, the rest of us would like for you to contain your civil war to within your own lands.  That means closing our borders to those likely to turn into homicidal maniacs claiming to do the will of Allah by slaying our people, on our streets.  The problem we have is that it is hard for us—and for you—to decide just which young man is going to turn into a flesh-chopping zombie.


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Three Reasons Why “It” Matters, Mrs. Clinton

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

Recruitment, Mrs. Clinton, that is one reason it matters.  You have a volunteer Army and a volunteer State Department, Mrs. Clinton.  The parents of graduates and smart young people would like to think that when the enemy is in the wire, breaching the walls, screaming for American blood, and about to overrun the compound, you would hear their calls for help and send shooters.  Instead, we learn that they are readily expendable.  To you and the rest of the Obama political team.  Listen closely, and you will hear parents telling their young adult children “Whatever you decide to get into, forget the military and stay out of the State Department, too.  They will stick you out there and leave you to twist in the wind.”

It?  “Why does it matter?”  Because they matter, Mrs. Clinton.

Finally, it matters because we—you and your administration and your president—have sent many Americans out to hot, dirty hell-holes to serve our country.  You have proven you cannot be trusted to back them up, cover them, guard them, and reinforce them when the enemy threatens to slaughter them.  You must be held accountable.  So it does not happen again.


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Government by the Idiocracy, for the Idiocracy: Joe Biden

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Joe Biden.  Delusional.  Democrats: Surely you can do better.  Please do better.  If you are going to win, for the sake of the country, give us someone with some sense.

Of course, I should not complain.  We (Tennessee) gave the country Al Gore.

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Benghazi: Leftpress spins “no help available” for besieged consulate

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Before, we were to believe that a Christian video-maker sparked all of this with his Youtube trailer.  Lie.  Obvious lie, from the beginning.  Now, we know it was a lie.  Once again, we are being fed a lie: we are to stupidly believe that once the attack began, President Obama and his administration could have done nothing about it.  In other words, President Obama’s hands are clean of American blood spilled in Benghazi.

I do not accept the official line—parroted by the leftist press—that the unfolding attack left no time to deploy support.  If true, however, this is incompetence.  And, if as we are hearing verified now, the State Department requests for greater security were ignored, then this is even worse.

Understand: This is not a part of the world that our government is not looking at.  There exists AFRICOM.  Africa Command.  This is a relatively new command creation, created largely because of the increasing Islamization of the African continent, and the shift of terrorist training and operations planning from Afghanistan and Pakistan to North Africa.  US Army-Africa is organized, staffed, and headquartered inexplicably at Vincenza, Italy.  Check out their news: World Malaria Day, Female Integration, spouses, medical projects—not a word about Benghazi.

Vicenza is 1,000 miles from Benghazi on the North African coast.

Vicenza to Benghazi

Why?  Why is AFRICOM’s HQ in northern Italy.  I am sure it is nice there and the cuisine is delightful.  You may visit Venice only a short drive away.  It’s far closer to Berlin than Benghazi.

But, with AFRICOM located in Italy, were there “assets” deployable on quick notice?  With North Africa in upheaval, if not, why not?

You better damned believe there were reaction forces standing by to be sent to fight in an emergency.  Who requested help?  To whom?  Who turned the request away?

And, if the official position remains, “President Obama wanted to do something about it but the military just didn’t have anybody close by suited up to get there on time,” then there is no excuse for this incompetence.

But, it worked for the Democrats: they got past the election without the truth of Benghazi disrupting their campaign.

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Now Recruiting Democrats

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

To Democrats:

I am openly inviting you to change parties.  At some point, isn’t some Democrat leader outrage the last straw for you?  There are many to pick from.  Jay Carney on Benghazi; Al Gore’s raving madness; the economy; welfare for terrorists; the Bush-era actions you so railed against, that are continued by President Obama; the growing debt held by foreigners; court-martial for Christians in the military?

Seriously, folks, where does it end?  You may not be ready to switch parties, but could you at least re-think and reconsider?  Your party is a disaster.  Governing disastrously, over a disaster.

The Republican Party needed the good cleansing from the Tea Party movement.  At least the Republicans are challenging themselves.  But, your party just persists in its fallacies.  Take virtual open border immigration policy.  You know, the policy that set us up for the Boston Marathon Massacre.  That immigration policy.  Or, is the bombing already “such a long time ago” that you don’t remember it, as Jay Carney might say?

It no longer suffices to say, “Bush did it too,” even if you are right about that.  That was never a sufficient reason for us.  It’s not for you, either.  Besides, Bush was such a long time ago.

You are offering us a train of loonies and liars.  Please do better.  If you are not ready to re-think foundational Democrat politics, then please just demand more of your party.  You are better than your party is giving you—and us all.