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Your flight is about to depart. Do you know where your firearm is?

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Happened again.  We have this nice, accessible, efficient airport.  Gun-friendly state, but the law does apply at TYS, too.  Details scant, but apparently we have another “accidental” presentation of person at scanner with forgotten firearm.

The big mystery, though?  Who makes that .380 revolver?

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Gun Rights v. Property Rights: Sorting Out the Confusion In the Equation

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Republicans and conservatives in my state (Tennessee) are pitted against each other while the leftist press urges on the fight.  Our legislature passed a bill extending the right of handgun carry permit holders to store weapons in the car, even if on an employer’s parking lot where a work rule bans any weapons “on the property.”  Now, Republicans argue over whether gun rights or property rights should win out.

I believe our governor will sign the bill.  I urge you, Governor Haslam, to sign it.  This blog post is written to Republicans in conflict over this issue, to those who want to “hold the line” for private property.


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School Guard Proves Flaws in System

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Local story proves—again—that all government-sponsored security programs and plans have flaws.  There are no perfect school “resource officers” either.

Even the scant details released by the government should chill parents.  They are telling you next to nothing about this guard who was supposed to be the barrier between your precious child and ….

Right now.  Pass legislation permitting teachers and staff who already hold handgun carry permits, to carry on the job, on the premises.

If you just must, impose additional training requirements.  If you must, have some expert check the equipment.  Those two items are essentially BS.  If you are really serious about school safety, let “the militia” do its job.

But, do not let that hold up expanding HCP authority to carry on school property right now.

This is not even to mention that my county’s expensive, elaborate security systems are in utter disarray after discovery of ineptitude and corruption.  And, the School Board (the citizens) were kept in the dark about it.

If you object, then how concerned about school safety are you, really?  Are you more concerned about giving up your political position supportive of your overall philosophy and your party?

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Why to Carry a Gun

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

I know how to stop this kind of armed robbery at a Pizza Hut.

Thankfully, no one was killed.  It could have turned out differently.  The disarmed helpless live  at the whims of armed barbarians.

Choose otherwise.  Or, let them (the armed barbarians) to choose for you.

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BBC Quietly Cuts Out Lies Claiming Climate Change

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

You have to search and listen to find it.  But, even the BBC—a formerly fervent forecaster of concocted climate catastrophe—is telling the truth, now.

I comment mostly because for about 15 years now, those skeptical of Chicken Little global warmists have been called rude names.  Mostly, I was skeptical because of:
–the lack of reliably measured long-term data to support the claims of long-term change;
–a pseudo-scientific method fueled by government grant money and the academic compulsion to publish;
–a charlatan substitution for science, comprised of computer modeling, rather than actual research;
–the same resulted in results not statistically valid;
–the leap from a bold preliminary hypothesis to dogmatic insistence that the UN take over the world to keep the sky from falling;
–all just after claims by the same groups during the 70s and 80s  that atmospheric carbon would cause a new ice-age.

I always figured they might be right, but nothing authentically scientific was saying so.

I find it hilarious that some people entrenched in the global warming hypothesis cannot give it up.  Plainly “climate scientists” whored with international socialist politics and produced a convenient (for them) but truly ugly offspring.  The fornication by science with socialist politics is now out here for all to see—and laugh at.

Even BBC won’t travel with Al Gore and Attenborough, anymore.

The same self-proclaimed brilliant people who laughed at the deniers are sullen and silent now.  Attenborough made international news claiming his 3.something degrees of temperature rise before.  Now, you have to scour the back pages to find that it was all a big lie and the BBC won’t repeat it for him anymore.


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How Dukakis Finds Ironic Relevance Now

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

The ever-forgettable Michael Dukakis, 1988 Democrat presidential candidate, speaking in 1986: “I don’t believe in people owning guns,…

(Now, readers, pause here and notice how Dukakis contradicted himself with his next phrase.)

…only the police and military.”

The last time I checked, uniformed law enforcement officers and military personnel were people, too.

Then, his next sentence: “I am going to do everything I can to disarm this state.” (speaking of Massachusetts)

Again, his contradiction and lie: He did not intend to disarm his state.  Dukakis meant to grant the state a monopoly on armament, denying the non- government citizenry the same right, despite the language of the Constitution.

This is the man the Democrat Party ran for president in 1986.  You may logically infer that the predominant portion of that party has not changed the Dukakis philosophy of disarming the non-government citizens.

Why am I writing about a man of such insipid leadership?  Why now?  Take his belief, and superimpose them on our modern times: Only the police and military [should have guns].  Click on those links.

I have great respect for both law enforcement officers, and members of our country’s uniformed services.  I have worn the uniform of my country, received a government paycheck, and carried the government’s M-16.  Both police and military forces are comprised of people, no worse nor better than the rest of us.  Their stint in government service confers on them no sainthood.

We live in a dangerous time in which powerful leaders claim a monopoly on firearms in government’s favor, to the exclusion of the citizen out of uniform, with no badge.  To you law enforcement officers who might be prone to agree with them: They do not revere you; they see themselves as your masters, too.  You in your uniforms with issue weapons: you are seen by them as their servants, to be crushed or dismissed if you step out of line.

And, what will you be when you retire?

Like the rest of us.

So, will you be disarmed?

Cast your lot with the people you joined up to serve.  Understand: the Dukakis philosophy—predominant now in top Democrat leadership—holds nothing for you.  It’s for them.  Those who intend to hold the reins of power.

Thanks to the Second Amendment Foundation for catching the quote that Dukakis later denied.

1988 is not that far in the past.  1984 is right around the corner.


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For the mere price of 10 magazines of 5.56mm ammo….

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

….you can purchase a life membership in the NRA.  $300.  Call 1-888-678-7894 or (855) 672-2013.  You have to call.  The representative informed me that these special offers are not available on the regular web site: phone calls only.  She confirmed the price.

The price of ammo is not so “mere” anymore, but if you want to be able to buy 5.56mm and keep and bear anything to shoot it from, please sign up and bring along some of your friends.  You could give your kids a life membership.

Thanks to Liston Matthews for the alert.

(At least my sponsor has 5.56.  Right now.  I am told it “vaporizes” from the shelves as soon as it is offered.  In the time I see a few boxes up for sale at, and figure out how to embed this video, it could be gone.  It’s so bad out there in the ammo retailing world, well, how bad is it?  It’s this bad.)


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They are special…

Friday, January 25th, 2013

…and you are not.  Not when it comes to who would get to keep their guns.  Only special people (government people) would get to keep their guns under the Feinstein bill.  That would include Feinstein.  You, on the other hand…you are apparently not special.


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Gun Control Hypocrisy on Video

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

This YouTube video is making the rounds, I just don’t want you to miss it.  It is hilarious.  It is revealing.  It is irony and the perfect revenge against those harassing lawful citizens who own guns.  It shows their houses, tells their names, and outs them as gross hypocrites who won’t own guns; they just hire others with guns.

“Put a sign on your lawn that says, ‘No guns here!'”

Reporters who thought it was so clever to publish handgun permit holders’ names; a police officer caught on tape violating the constitutional right of others; armed guards protecting those against the right to keep and bear arms; Eric Holder (represented by a police officer—with a gun).  Quite a cast of characters.

The line I laughed at the most, though, was this one.  One anti-gun guy, more open and honest than the rest, quoted a progressive friend of his who called him a fool for wanting to ban guns.  The progressive friend’s rationale is that there is going to be a revolution, and if the progressives keep making guns objects of horror to be avoided, then only the “right wing” will have guns.  So, the left wing needs guns, too.  To kill the right wing.  Wow.

I would at least agree with him on one point: It is desirable that free law-abiding citizens universally be equipped with the best weapons.  Right.  Left.  Whatever.  I for one do not begrudge the progressives the right to keep and bear arms.  I request the same consideration.

Thank you, Citizens Against Senseless Violence!

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Other “O” Words

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Obama = “openness“—“The most open administration in history” (unlike those other administrations, especially under Bush)

Reality check: President Obama readies 19 executive orders to impose Executive Branch gun control.

Well, what are they?  Are we to believe that minions have only now been busily drafting?  Who was consulted?  How long have these measures been sitting, written and waiting?  Who wrote them?  Who on this task force has any experience with firearms?  Who with experience are you consulting with?

What are the proposals?  Rather than leak hints about the number, why don’t you just tell us what you are considering?

The most open administration in history is, instead, opaque.

They are obtuse in their understanding of all things gun-related, continuing to purvey lies and half-truths (for example, the so-called gun show loophole leaving the general public to believe that anyone can walk onto the floor and come out with an assault rifle, no questions asked.)

They obfuscate over Benghazi, spending, and taxes.

But, President Obama is ready to issue orders, to impose order, to demand obeisance.

“O” for Obama.  Use the name as a memory device to remind you of the other “O” words that characterize the administration.  Words other than “open.”

To the many Democrats who value the liberty to arm: Write Congress.  To the many Democrats who loathe firearms and those who “cling” to them: Consider that your president plots to seize a liberty.  Perhaps the right to keep and bear arms is not a liberty you choose today to exercise, or that you value highly.  Perhaps, you mock the notion that some day, armed citizens may be needed to expel an enemy, or to put a tyrannical government in its place again.  Regardless, you are about to lose the freedom, in favor of an ever-increasing government monopoly on money and firearms.

Power.  Money and firearms are power.  And, they want it.  They want it all.  They want it for themselves.  They are grabbing it.  Are you really okay with that?